Don’t let cows fall victim to the spring nutrient gap

Don’t let cows fall victim to the spring nutrient gap

Short grass can shortchange freshly calved cows at their time of greatest need. Fresh green grass is a welcome sight come spring. However, early spring grass with limited growth or volume should be approached with caution when it’s used as the sole source of nutrition for recently calved cows. With limited grass volume, cows can… Read the rest »

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard- Preparing For Changing Antibiotic Regulations

In case you missed it. Cattlemen’s Webinar Series Recording – Preparing for Changing Antibiotic Regulations. The New Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) for medically important feed-grade antibiotics will take effect on Jan. 1, 2017. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association held a webinar on this important topic on October, 27th 2016.  The webinar held information about how cattlemen… Read the rest »

The Importance of Bunk Management

Apply these bunk management tips to your feedlot. Applying key bunk management practices can save your feedlot from health issues, wasted feed and lost pounds from decreased average daily gain (ADG). “Feed bunk management is the daily opportunity for cattle feeders to influence and ensure top performance and profitability for their cattle,” said Marty Andersen,… Read the rest »

Assess Silage Results to Improve Quality

As we approach silage harvest across the country, this is a good opportunity to think about the quality and stability of last season’s crop. “Even excellent operations are likely to experience some silage quality issues,” says Bob Charley, Ph.D., Forage Products Manager, Lallemand Animal Nutrition. “Understanding these issues and their causes can provide insights on… Read the rest »

CALF News Announces Jessica Ebert as National Account Manager

CALF News, along with BluePrint Marketing, is pleased to announce the hiring of Jessica Ebert as National Account Sales Manager, effectively July 11, 2016. Jessica brings a strong work ethic and a great deal of experience in the agriculture sector to this position. Born and raised in Kansas on a diversified operation that includes farming… Read the rest »

Historic U.S. Export to Brazil Features American Akaushi

Historic U.S. Export to Brazil Features American Akaushi

Through an extensive five year joint process between Heartbrand Beef of Harwood, Texas, and the Brazilian Group Origine, Fullblood American Akaushi were recently exported to Brazil. This unique opportunity is the first live cattle export from the United States to Brazil of any breed in nearly two decades. Group Origine worked extensively with the Brazilian… Read the rest »

Evaluate Antimicrobials Beyond the Label

Advice on using study trial data to choose an antimicrobial product – Press release released by Zoetis Beef cattle veterinarians and their producer clients have many choices when selecting an antimicrobial to control and treat bovine respiratory disease (BRD). The first step for many is to compare labels, see what bacterial pathogens each product treats… Read the rest »

Merial Begins 2016 LONGRANGE® (eprinomectin) Challenge

Producers guaranteed to recoup their parasite control investment Merial introduces the 2016 LONGRANGE® (eprinomectin) Challenge. Though cattle prices are trending downward, experts say 2016 will still offer good profitability for producers. To help maximize those profits and optimize herd health, Merial will help take on some of the production risks this year through the LONGRANGE… Read the rest »

Bubba Bain, Executive Director American Akaushi with E Cross Cattle Company the 2015 Legacy Award Winner; Herff and Nancy Cornelius, Len and Savannah Cornelius, Jordan Beeman, President HeartBrand Beef, in front holding the award is Wyatt Cornelius, son of Len and Savannah.

Fourth Annual American Akaushi Association Convention held near Bernalillo, New Mexico

Some 190 Akaushi breeders, industry professionals and beef enthusiasts joined together for the Fourth Annual American Akaushi Association Convention held October 30th through November 1 at the Hyatt Tamaya Resort and Spa near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Bubba Bain, Executive Director of The American Akaushi Association said, “we held our first three conventions close to home… Read the rest »

Roast Perfect app for consumers

Roast Perfect app for consumers

Nearly a quarter of consumers say they’ve never cooked a beef roast, and 43% cook one roast or less per year. That’s according to a new survey, conducted jointly by the Beef Checkoff and the Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand. Consumers cited “not enough time” and “don’t know how,” among other reasons for not… Read the rest »