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Don’t Get Caught Off Guard- Preparing For Changing Antibiotic Regulations

In case you missed it. Cattlemen’s Webinar Series Recording – Preparing for Changing Antibiotic Regulations. The New Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) for medically important feed-grade antibiotics will take effect on Jan. 1, 2017. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association held a webinar on this important topic on October, 27th 2016.  The webinar held information about how cattlemen… Read the rest »

The Importance of Bunk Management

Apply these bunk management tips to your feedlot. Applying key bunk management practices can save your feedlot from health issues, wasted feed and lost pounds from decreased average daily gain (ADG). “Feed bunk management is the daily opportunity for cattle feeders to influence and ensure top performance and profitability for their cattle,” said Marty Andersen,… Read the rest »

Assess Silage Results to Improve Quality

As we approach silage harvest across the country, this is a good opportunity to think about the quality and stability of last season’s crop. “Even excellent operations are likely to experience some silage quality issues,” says Bob Charley, Ph.D., Forage Products Manager, Lallemand Animal Nutrition. “Understanding these issues and their causes can provide insights on… Read the rest »

Top Stories

Cattlemen: Pruitt Will Restore Common Sense, Regulatory Sanity To EPA

Craig Uden, president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) today released the following statement in response to the U.S. Senate’s confirmation of Scott Pruitt to be the next administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – “For far too long, the EPA has been a runaway bureaucracy largely out of touch with how its… Read the rest »

Costco Expansion Provides Even Greater Momentum for U.S. Beef in Korea

U.S. beef has been rapidly building momentum in South Korea, and received a further boost this week as Costco officially began converting its imported chilled beef selection from Australian beef to 100 percent U.S. product. The move follows a multi-year effort by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) to persuade store managers that sales of… Read the rest »

Cattlemen Applaud Bipartisan House Passage of Red River Bill

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the Public Lands Council applaud the House passage of H.R. 428 the Red River Gradient Boundary Survey Act. The bill, introduced by Congressman Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) would seek to settle all federal ownership claims by providing legal certainty to landowners along the Red River. “Private landowners have owned and… Read the rest »

New Products and Information

QScout BLD New Product Description

Advanced Animal Diagnostics introduces QScout® BLD, a rapid, chute-side blood leukocyte differential test that diagnoses unhealthy cattle before visual symptoms appear. A recent feedlot trial conducted by Advanced Animal Diagnostics (AAD) found that selectively treating sale barn calves on arrival to the feedlot based on QScout BLD test results enabled an 87% reduction in antibiotic… Read the rest »

INFORCE™ 3 Earns Administration and Duration Label Claims

Added convenience and lasting protection against bovine respiratory disease Protection against respiratory disease early in life with INFORCE™ 3 helps calves stay healthy, develop to their full genetic potential and reduce the risk of illness later in life. Protecting young calves with INFORCE 3 is now easier than ever. INFORCE 3, the top selling cattle vaccine… Read the rest »

Merck Animal Health Launches Beef Sustainability Calculator App

Merck Animal Health is pleased to announce the launch of a new app, the Meat Sustainability Calculator, which is designed to help producers, suppliers and others in the food chain better understand how the beef production systems and technologies they use impact the environment. The app was created in partnership with Jude Capper, Ph.D., an… Read the rest »