New Products and Information

Leading Beef Breed Associations Partner to Release “Premium Red Baldy” Program

Two of the largest beef breed associations in the U.S. have teamed up to offer commercial cattlemen a groundbreaking, genetically verified program to improve their bottom line. The Red Angus Association of America and the American Hereford Association are proud to introduce the “Premium Red Baldy” program, designed to capitalize on the best traits from… Read the rest »

Trusted Rancher Recordkeeping Tool Soon Available for 2018

NCBA’s Pocket-Sized Redbook Has Offered Efficient Recordkeeping to Ranchers for More Than 30 Years A pocket-sized recordkeeping tool used by cattle producers for more than 30 years will be available for the 2018 year starting October 2, 2017.  The Redbook from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association helps cattle producers effectively and efficiently record their daily… Read the rest »

Feedlot Trial Shows 87% Reduction in Antibiotic Use on Arrival

In a recent feedlot trial conducted by Advanced Animal Diagnostics (AAD), the use of a new chute-side blood test (QScout® BLD) demonstrated that a feedyard in Nebraska could reduce antibiotic use 87 percent by selectively treating animals, compared to metaphylaxis, or mass treatment with antibiotics. The QScout BLD test, which diagnoses animals with abnormal immune… Read the rest »

BVD-PI QUICKTEST Now on the Market

Central States Testing has announced their latest product, the CST QuickTest. This BVD-PI diagnostic test is designed to be quickly and easily used on the farm, with results in fewer than 30 minutes. This makes BVD-PI testing more cost effective for users with high volume because you no longer need to ship samples to a… Read the rest »

Vermeer Rolls out New Baler, Mower models

604 Pro One word describes Vermeer’s 604 Pro baler – versatile. Built for producers and contractors who want simple-to-use baler, the new 604 Pro performs to their needs and gives them the versatility to bale wet or dry hay while producing bales of varying sizes. The 6 ft x 4 ft (1.8 m x 1.2… Read the rest »

Zoetis Introduces Veterinary Feed Directive Mobile Application

Added convenience for cattle veterinarians and immediate access to write electronic VFDs To benefit veterinarians and their busy schedules amid the implementation of the new Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) regulation, Zoetis has introduced a mobile application for use on smartphones, helping simplify the process of writing a VFD for AUREOMYCIN® (chlortetracycline) or AUREO S 700®… Read the rest »

QScout BLD New Product Description

Advanced Animal Diagnostics introduces QScout® BLD, a rapid, chute-side blood leukocyte differential test that diagnoses unhealthy cattle before visual symptoms appear. A recent feedlot trial conducted by Advanced Animal Diagnostics (AAD) found that selectively treating sale barn calves on arrival to the feedlot based on QScout BLD test results enabled an 87% reduction in antibiotic… Read the rest »

INFORCE™ 3 Earns Administration and Duration Label Claims

Added convenience and lasting protection against bovine respiratory disease Protection against respiratory disease early in life with INFORCE™ 3 helps calves stay healthy, develop to their full genetic potential and reduce the risk of illness later in life. Protecting young calves with INFORCE 3 is now easier than ever. INFORCE 3, the top selling cattle vaccine… Read the rest »