Cattlemen Release Fifth Video In Tax Reform Campaign

Features Florida Cattleman Who Had To Sell Family Ranch
To Pay Death Tax

Florida Cattle Producer Had to Sell Ranch To Pay Death Tax. No…

Contrary to what the liberal left often claims, a number of ranchers and farmers have had to sell their property to pay the onerous death tax. In this video, sixth-generation Florida rancher Cary Lightsey talks about how his family had to sell one of their ranches to pay the tax. What was once a beautiful and productive ranch is now a 1,500-unit apartment complex that is contributing to suburban sprawl.

Posted by National Cattlemen's Beef Association on Monday, October 23, 2017

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association today released the fifth video in its media campaign to promote comprehensive tax reform. The first four videos have been viewed a combined 512,000 times and have reached more than 950,000 people on Facebook.

NCBA’s latest video spotlights sixth-generation Florida rancher Cary Lightsey, who was forced to sell one of his family’s ranches outside Tampa to pay a death-tax bill after his father’s unexpected passing.

“We went to our attorney after we got our bill from the federal government, which was probably ten times more than we thought it would be,” Lightsey explains in the video. “We showed him the cost of our estate taxes and we explained to him we had no way to pay it. He said y’all are going to have to sell one of your ranches. That land now has 1,500 apartments on it.”

NCBA’s new video was released as news reports indicate that comprehensive tax reform legislation may be introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives next week, with committee and full House votes possible the first two weeks of November.

NCBA’s tax reform campaign is centered around a website, campaign is also connecting grassroots ranchers and producers with their elected officials on Capitol Hill as tax-reform legislation is considered.

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