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The 2013 nominees for the Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame exemplify the values we share and admire as an industry. Cast your vote now for our 2013 inductees.

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Louie Dinklage,  Dinklage Feedyards, Inc.

Louis Dinklage was one of the pioneers in the cattle-feeding business in eastern Nebraska. In 1923, he established a 3,000-head operation near Wisner. Through the years, he was instrumental in making the area one of the nation’s cattle-feeding hubs.

James Herring,   Friona Industries, L.P.

James Herring is the president and CEO of Friona Industries, L.P., the fourth largest cattle-feeding operation in the U.S. Friona operates four commercial feedyards in the Texas panhandle and a one-time capacity of more than 275,000 head. Herring previously served as president of Cattle-Fax and the Texas Cattle Feeders Association.

Robert “Bob” Josserand,   AzTx Cattle Co.

Bob Josserand is the chairman of the board and founder of AzTx Cattle Co., a family cattle operation with feedyards in Texas and Kansas. The AzTx Cattle Co. is known in the industry for developing a specialized branded beef program. Josserand has been a devoted member of the cattle-feeding industry and is a past president of the Texas Cattle Feeders Association and the National Cattlemen’s Association.

Marshall “Jack” Reeve,   Reeve Cattle Company

Jack Reeve had a private veterinary practice in St. Charles, MO. and in Garden City, KS. Always an entrepreneur, he began feeding cattle, which led to the purchase of the Reeve Cattle Company. Reeve had a significant impact on higher education as a member of the Kansas Board of Regents and numerous other state and national boards and committees.

Leo Timmerman,   Timmerman & Son Feeding Co., Inc.

In 1945, Leo Timmerman established his career as a cattle feeder in Omaha, NE. He founded Leo Timmerman Feeding Co., a business that specialized in providing custom feeding, placements and commodity trading for feeders throughout the country. Timmerman is recognized as a one of the first facilitators between cattle feeders and the meat industry.

The 2013 nominees for the Industry Leadership Award have contributed to the cattle-feeding industry through outstanding advocacy and leadership. Their efforts embody our core beliefs and help us communicate our message within the industry and to American families.

Betty Jo Gigot

Betty Jo Gigot is the editor and publisher of CALF News, a magazine she has served for more than 23 years. She became involved in the cattle feeding industry by learning the computer end of the business. In 1980, she founded her own computer company and began writing and installing programs in feedyards across the country.

Harry Knobbe

Harry Knobbe has spent his career investing in the future of cattlemen and the cattle industry. He has owned and operated his own feedyard along with creating feedyard customer support opportunities. He serves as an active member on numerous industry committees, such as the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. Knobble also served as the chairman for the Ag Policy Committee.

Topper Thorpe

Topper Thorpe was the first market analyst hired by Cattle-Fax and the company’s former CEO. In his 32-year tenure with the company, he provided the cattle industry with invaluable market information.

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