Thoughts on the Annual NCBA Meeting in Tampa

Just back from the Cattle Industry Convention in Tampa and certainly did enjoy Florida and the hospitality offered there. Over 6,500 attendees gathered to discuss the state of the cattle community and the future in an ever changing environment. As is usually the case, the cattlemen and women got down to business quickly, working on the numerous challenges and coming up with solutions to low numbers, short finances and high feed costs. Listening to conversations in the halls, people are not complaining about the hand we have been dealt with drought and regulations. Instead, they rolled up their sleeves and got to it. Policy decisions were brought forward on cattle health, food safety and immigration among others, along with reports on new technology and trends affecting sale of beef.

Exciting for me was the election of CALF News writer and friend, Barbara Jackson, as the 62nd president of the American National CattleWomen, Inc. (ANCW). I hadn’t realized that Barb’s mother also served in that position back in 1970. A native of Arizona, Jackson has been active in the family cattle feeding operation as well as a founder, with her husband, Tim, of Animal Health Express in Tucson, Az. A crackerjack of an organizer as well as a true leader, Jackson will help the ANCW continue as an inspiring force for the cattle community.

The trade show in Tampa was bright, loud and colorful. It never hurts to have pirates marching up the aisle to make you feel festive. In talking to the exhibitors, traffic was good and people were active on the floor.

The Opening General Session with the Tuohy’s from the story of The Blind Side was very inspiring as was General Session 11 highlighting Stuart Varney from the Fox Business Network. Everyone there brought home something positive to think about.


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