The View from Montana

The Calf News Headquarters has moved to Polson, Mont. on Flat Head Lake and the temps are wonderful. Know that most of you in the Midwest will be jealous. Every time we come up to Big Sky Country, we’re simply amazed at the open spaces and, not surprisingly, the huge numbers of cows and calves along every roadside.  It’s a little dry but everyone is busy putting up hay and the wheat, in giant fields, is just ready to harvest. Everywhere we stop the conversation is about corn production and prices and what calves are worth. No one seems to know.

One comment we hear often is not the price of beef (specifically steaks) but the decrease in quality.  Eating places are trying to keep their prices down but it seems that the way they’re doing it is to go down a grade in quality. In talking to restaurant owners, it has been a tough time economically, but they aren’t sure if the downturn in business is due to the economy, the prices or the no-smoking laws passed in the state.

The other conversation is, of course, the upcoming elections. No matter how far you are out in the country, people are informed and involved.

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