The Cost of Doing Business Up, Up, Up

The staff at Calf News is busy working on the next issue which will hone in on “The Cost of Doing Business”.  We can all appreciate just how much has changed, not only in our business but also in our lives.  Husband, Dean only took five minutes to put the changes for his corner of Kansas into focus.  At Circle Land and Cattle, the past ten years have seen the cost of fuel double and when you get your water from the Ogallala with irrigation engines – that matters. The cost of equipment also doubled with combines costing upward to $300,000. The cost of labor has not changed that much but taxes and additional amounts added to them with insurance, etc., have added up considerably.  On the other side, the sale price of corn has also doubled, hay is up at least 60% and the price you could get for the land is twice what it was ten years ago. Just how long ago was the cost of gain 70 cents, feeders were running 80 cwt and yes, finished cattle were selling for $70?  It is a mixed bag and one we and our customers can appreciate when they go to the store to buy beef or bread or certainly to the gas station where a lot of this started with using corn for fuel and not feed.

Take a moment to think how much you paid for your first house or car or the bill to get that first child out of the hospital and realize just why you banker isn’t sure you need “How Many $$$”.

 -Betty Jo

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