Our Next Issue

The sun is shining in Kansas and it’s starting to look like spring will be here soon. All anyone in this area can hope for is moisture, because the land is still parched from last year’s drought and hot weather.  Here at CALF News, the April/May issue in on the drawing board and it’s another great one.

Titled “The Cattle Community”, stories will focus on individuals in the industry that make up the whole of the fabric of a highly specialized and very important food production system.  From a feedlot owner who power lifts and plays poker to a lady feedyard manager in Maine who raises finished beef three miles from the Canadian border to a feedyard/animal health rep/ANCW/Beef Board member who wears all of her hats well, the stories depict an industry that is vibrant and exciting. There will also be biographies of the recent nominees for the Cattle Feeder’s Hall of Fame (visit www.cattlefeeders.org to vote) and our usual columnists.  Can’t wait for you to see it all.

– Betty Jo

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