Meatless Mondays Hit Los Angeles Schools

How long will we have to pay for the flawed United Nations Report on carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere from meat consumption?  No common sense is showing up yet according to recent developments in California. 

The Los Angeles United School District announced recently that they were adopting the International Meatless Monday system. The school district serves over 650,000 meals daily and has the largest school breakfast program in the United States according to Annenberg TV News.

“The obesity and overweight rate in Los Angeles is 42 percent. A meatless diet, studies have shown, yield lover cholesterol levels and a lower body mass index, or BMI,” the TV News went on. According to the article, celebrities including President Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Mike Tyson and Rev. Al Sharpton have endorsed the movement. 

Like the USDA school lunch guidelines, political correctness provides a façade for ignorant decisions with no regard to common sense.

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