Gathering Fall Calves

For us here at Circle Land and Cattle, the gathering involves visiting ranches and watching good cowboys on good horses with good horse sense bring in the herd, strip the calves from their momma’s and, after the heifers are sorted from the steers, quietly being loaded on a truck and going to greener pastures.  We have had a great time taking some of our town friends with us to see what, to many, is a throwback to the John Wayne days.

It’s dusty, as it’s so dry in this country this year, and early, many 5 o’clock days and it’s exhilarating to be there when the herd comes in. Last week, there were 21 cowboys, big and small, coming across an expanse of Colorado ranch country that looks like it goes all the way to Canada or at least Nebraska.  With the drought, the cattle have been on feed all summer. How’s that for expensive for the cow/calf people that own them?  Even with the high prices for calves this fall, profits are hard for everyone involved. To see some of the pictures of the gathering go to the gallery page here on the website. It’s awesome to be there.

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