October/November Coming this Week!

The October/November issue of Calf News is at print and, as usual, we are proud and excited. For our staff, each issue is kind of like “birthing a baby”, giving us a chance to share our travels, stories and opinions with you, the readers.  In case you haven’t noticed, we here at Calf News, have as much fun producing our magazine as you do, we hope, reading it.  Each issue gives us a chance to show off the community we embrace wholeheartedly and provide you with news, information and entertainment.

Tired of the constant attack on technology and efficient production of beef, this issue focuses on “Feeding More with Less”.  Our writers trace how technology has enabled us to become world class in beef production with less resources and dollars.  Watch your mail box for your copy of this interesting and timely issue. It will also be available on the website the first week of October.

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